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It began in 1923 with the settlement of the Schlüter family, who built the estate on their own 7.5 hectares of agricultural land. In March 1931, the Schlüter family buys the property, and on April 1, 1931, it is officially opened with 5 hotel rooms. In the same year, the “Schlüter Restaurant” is renamed “Kaffee Kröpcke”. In 1953 the name changes once again to “Heide-Kröpke”.
In 1933 a barn extension is started, in 1936 the electrification of the “Kaffee Kröpcke” takes place. A year later, a cattle shed with a laundry room is built. As early as 1937, a military training area was established.

After the war, in 1950, they build another cattle shed and toilets. This year also sees the 1st tax office audit in the area of emergency levy.

Since ancient times, peat digging has been an essential branch of the heath’s economy, and this continues to the present day. Thus, the “Heide Kröpke” was the stay of the peat cutters, lumberjacks and carters, who warmed up here with a “Machandel” and a “Bokweiten-Pannekpuken”, with “Grönkohl mit Bräägenwoost” or with “Speck und Schinken mit Roggenbrod”.
1954 / 55 an additional guest room is created, which still exists today as the “Kaminhalle”.

Major investments are also scheduled for 1976/77. Here they are expanding the restaurant area and the “Little Restaurant”.
as well as the “wedding room” are created. In addition, there are 13 spacious hotel rooms with all comforts.

In the following years, the hoteliers never tire of keeping their establishment attractive to guests. Thus, in 1978 / 79, the guest house is expanded, in which 32 spacious rooms are created – 5 of them as apartments. The hotel offer is also complemented by an indoor swimming pool, sauna and whirlpool, the Kräusenstube, a bowling alley and 2 seminar rooms.

1985: The rooms created in the early days are renovated from scratch, the popular “Hochtiedsstuv” is created.

On August 22, 1987, a memorial stone is erected. This is where the joint municipality of Schwarmsted, the independent municipality of Walsrode and the municipality-free district of Osterheide meet. The memorial stone is a sign of good neighborliness.

The last major addition takes place in 1991: the construction of the intermediate wing and the connection of the houses.

Connection to hotel cooperation “Akzent” in April 1999

Rotary Club Hotel: After a successful charter celebration in September 9, 2005, we are now the club hotel for the weekly meetings.

June 30, 2008
An era comes to an end: handover of the business – 77 years of Heide-Kröpke pass over to the next generation:
Friedel Plesse hands over his company to daughter Inga Zimolong and her husband Bernd Wilmes. From the individual company “Ihr Verwöhnhotel Heide-Kröpke Inh. Friedrich Plesse e.K.” becomes the company “Hotel Heide-Kröpke GmbH”.

….and offer more for health:
New wellness and spa area from March 2010.

New from spring 2010: Holiday home “Idylla” and “Moorkate”.

Much has changed over time, some things have been forgotten – but still today you can experience the coziness and security in our house, which wants to give you a pleasant stay and eventful hours by the cosy fireplace.

Since November 2017, the family Dr. Lohbeck is pleased to hold the Hotel Heide Kröpke in your possession. True to the motto:
“The average gives the world its existence – the extraordinary its value”.
(Oskar Wilde)


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